Holy Cross Hospital (HCH)

Holy Cross Hospital (HCH) of Research and Education

Holy Cross Hospital (HCH) of Research and Education provides clinician researchers and statisticians to support in-patient and out-patient studies including support and assistance with research design, proposal and protocol preparation. They also provide administrative and technical support in the conduction of clinical trials, assistance in identifying sponsors, grant management as well as database development and data collection and analysis.

Holy Cross Hospital (HCH) is based on a hub and spoke model. The HCH acts as the hub to the participating product line spokes. The HCH provides clinician-researchers with a variety of essential services to support their participation in in-patient and out-patient investigational studies.

Services include:

  • Administrative and technical support in the conduct of inpatient and outpatient research trials
  • Teaching and education for research personnel
  • Research budgeting and contract management
  • Technology transfer services

Services permit clinicians to participate in investigational studies while maintaining demanding patient care and professional obligations. By serving as a single, readily accessible point of contact between research sponsors and investigators throughout the life of a study, communication is continuous. This ensures Joint Commission compliance and meets FDA Good Clinical Practice guidelines.