The Ammerman Surgical Laboratory

The Dr. Harvey Ammerman Microsurgical Lab was dedicated in 1998, and is designed to augment the training of Neurosurgery Residents. In the Ammerman Lab the residents will receive structured programmed training in surgical approaches via cadaveric dissections. This lab is one of only three in the United States dedicated to training and research in Neurosurgery and is the only one to combine the five components of training and research in skull base surgery, minimally invasive surgery, microvascular surgery and spine surgery as well as basic science research.

Microsurgical and endoscopic techniques will be learned in this lab and in the endoscopic training lab in Ross Hall. Clinical and basic science research projects are developed and pursued.

Norman H. Horwitz, MD Travel Research Award

This award will allow one or more residents in the GW Neurosurgery Residency Training Program to pursue extramural research and/or educational opportunities.