Program Evaluation Committee – Roles and Responsibilities


Department of Neurological Surgery – Residency Program Policy

Policy: Program Evaluation Committee – Roles and Responsibilities

Program Chair: Michael Rosner, MD

Last Revision: March 11, 2020

PURPOSE: The George Washington Residency Program in Neurological Surgery, as required by ACGME, utilizes a Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) in its evaluation of Program Performance. This document serves as the written description of its responsibilities. (Common Program Requirements, V.C.1.a)

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP: The Program Director shall appoint the PEC membership (CPR, V.C.1) which consists of at least two faculty and one resident member as follows:

Committee Role Program Role Term
Chairman Core Faculty 3 years
Member Core Faculty 2 years
Member Resident 2 years
Member Resident 2 years
Secretary Program Coordinator Duration of role as program coordinator
Server Program Chairman Duration of role as Chairman

COMMITTEE MEETINGS: The committee shall meet, at a minimum, once each spring following publication of results of the ACGME Faculty and Resident surveys.


  1. Review the educational program and recommend to the chairman and program director changes to improve the residents' experience and performance. 
  2. Review the program activities at the affiliate sites including local educational activities, the clinical experience and the engagement of each of the site faculty in the residents' experience. 
  3. Review the residents’ and attendings’ evaluation of the program. 
  4. Evaluate residents' performances on milestones, the primary written exam, postgraduate evaluation and graduates’ performance on the oral exam for board certification. 
  5. Review any program citations or concerns and monitor improvement measures initiated by the program director. 
  6. Review results of the annual ACGME Faculty and Resident Surveys.
  7. Review efforts to promote faculty development including support of research activities and education development activities. 
  8. Render a written annual program evaluation, which shall be submitted to the chairman and program director. This will be reviewed and discussed by the faculty at a departmental meeting.  

The report should include: 

  • A summary of the findings of the program evaluation committee. 
  • A detailed listing of performance concerns which will include: 
    • a delineation of  goals to improve and measure progress
    • a timeline for evaluating the progress of any remediation efforts

Approved by GMEC: 4/20/2020