PGY2 Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives:

PGY2 Neurosurgery – Clinical Year (initial six months)

Surgical expectations:

  • positioning of patient for simple craniotomy and spine procedures
  • simple lumbar discectomy
  • opening and closing of anterior cervical procedures
  • craniotomy for trauma with minimal assistance
  • burr holes for subdural hematoma evacuations
  • biopsies (muscle and peripheral nerve)
  • Operative log maintenance

Clinical expectations:

  • Active participation at all teaching conferences
  • In-patient management and call duties
  • Neurosurgery History & Physical performance 
  • Ability to interpret lab tests, MRI, CT Scans, etc.
  • Assist in patient management and discharge planning conferences 
  • Attend all conferences except while on vacation   
  • Attend Journal Club
  • Attend outpatient clinics while rotating at GW 
  • Participation at “All City Grand Rounds” 
  • Participation in lab surgical approach course
  • Establish quality project
  • Simulated patient workshop

Download Goals form here.