PGY1 Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives:

PGY1 ICU – Clinical Year

Surgical Performance Expectations:

  • Airway/ventilator management
  • Insertion of central lines, or arterial monitor
  • Lumbar puncture procedures 
  • Lumbar drain insertion
  • Administration of GTT blood pressure and pain management regimens
  • Operative log maintenance

Clinical Performance Expectations:

Pre-Operative/Non-Operative Patient Management

  • The evaluation of the ICU patients including history taking, physical examination and the evaluation of diagnostic tests; the resident will be evaluated as to the thoroughness and logical organization of the patient history and the accuracy of the physical exam.
  • The clinical information, physical examination findings and laboratory/imaging data must be critically evaluated, organized, accurate and thorough for the differential diagnosis proposed. These evaluations will be done in the ICU.

In-Patient Clinical Management

  • Daily inpatient evaluation will be assessed; the patient’s progress must be appropriately monitored, and treatment decisions must be effective and appropriate.
  • Progressive, ongoing care plans must be formulated, and unexpected deviations from the anticipated plan must be explained and rectified.
  • The resident must be responsive to changing patient requirements and be aware of potential deleterious changes in the patient’s condition.
  • The resident must show the ability to maintain ongoing patient management skills for the patients on their service.

Clinical Judgement

  • The resident must be able to collect pertinent history/physical data, and incorporate that information with existing medical knowledge to formulate an accurate differential diagnosis and define a treatment plan.
  • The resident must exhibit prudent use of diagnostic studies and be cognizant of personal limitations.

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