Promotion Non-Renewal and Dismissal


Department of Neurological Surgery – Residency Program Policy

Policy: Promotion, Non-Renewal and Dismissal

Program Chair:  Michael Rosner, MD

Last Revision: March 11, 2020


To ensure that residents of The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences program in Neurological Surgery are treated fairly and in accordance with the AGCME, RRC and American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) requirements for promotion Board Eligibility.


Decision for promotion and renewal is made at the discretion of the Program Director, with consideration of the recommendations of the Clinical Competency Committee (CPR V.A.1.b)(1)(c)). Promotion and renewal is also dependent on the GME Institutional Requirements for Appointment and Renewal (See Policy 1).


ABNS and RRC Rules and Regulations require residents entering training after July 1, 1998 to pass the ABNS Written Examination for credit before completion of training for eligibility for certification. 

  1. All residents in good standing are expected to take the written examination for self-assessment each year beginning in the PGY-2 year of training.
  2. PGY-4 residents must achieve a raw score equivalent to the minimum passing raw score in that year for residents taking the examination for credit. 
  3. Residents taking the exam for self-assessment who achieve a percentile score equal to or greater than 50 may take the examination for credit the following year.
  4. PGY-6 residents in good standing who have not previously passed the examination for credit must take the exam for credit.
  5. Residents who fail to pass the examination for credit by the end of their PGY-6 year will be considered for non-promotion and/or non-renewal.
  6. Residents who have passed the examination for credit with a percentile score equal to or greater than 50 are exempt from sitting for the examination in subsequent years, if any. 
  7. Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in a letter of deficiency, and may result in a reportable action such as a non-promotion or non-renewal of contract.


Dismissal of residents from the Neurosurgery residency training program shall be conducted in accordance with the guidelines established by the Graduate Medical Education office of the George Washington University SMHS, as listed in the GME residency training Manual.  Resident misconduct; failure to comply with GME policies, code of conduct, or terms of the resident contract; and failure to resolve previously reviewed academic deficiencies may lead to resident dismissal.  If the program director determines that a resident will not be reappointed (or that the resident’s contract is extended pending satisfactory completion of academic requirements) the resident should be notified in writing.  The resident may appeal the decision of the Program Director as outlined in the GME Institutional Policies for Due Process and Academic Improvement.

Approved by GMEC: 4/20/2020